Body wraps

Detox Chilli Mud Wrap: Detoxifying exfoliating and nourishing the skin, this body wrap assists in the elimination of toxins and fluid retention. Your five in one body figure corrective treatment, and intensive detoxifying treatment firming and toning with visible reduction in cellulite. This treatment has the added benefit of losing 1 to 8 inches in just a single session. A must for instant, dramatic results to soften and hydrate the skin, leaving it radiant and soft including Sauna and Steam room.

45 minutes R500

Fir Sauna Dome Treatment: Lymph drainage massage with liposculpt gel including a wrap and 30 minutes in the Fir Sauna Dome far infrared ray (Fir) makes cleansing toxins more efficient by breaking bigger and lifeless water molecules into smaller molecule clusters and is easier absorbed by your body cells & very effective cleansing impurities & toxins from our body.

45 minutes – R425

Weighloss Injections – R180
Booster Injections – R180
Cellulite Injections – R180
Metabolite – R300

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