Skin peels

Chemical peels

Filorga Medical Peels: Day after day we are confronted with UV rays, stress, tobacco, smoke and hormonal changes these attacks impact on the skin, and especially the visible surface of our skin to erase the marks that are anchored in the skin, there is now a solution: the Filorga chemical peel. It removes the appearance of the skin by removing the top layers of the epidermis in a control manner and accelerating cell turnover.

Lunch Time Peel: 20 minutes – R450 Deluxe Peel with Light therapy: 60 minutes – R800

Essel Peels: A two layer peel, an advanced chemical peel which contains a balance blend of acids to ensure an effective and safe peel resulting in fresher, tighter smoother skin

Single Sessions: 45 minutes – R650 Package of Six Peels: R3 600

Aesthet Enzymatic keratopeel: Enzyme peel to help increase circulation and stimulate and improve the texture of the skin.

Single Sessions: 45 minutes – R620

Package of Six Peels: R3 600

Skin Lightening peel’s: Reduce skin pigmentation , age spots and freckles . It provides a clearing effect illuminating, does not matify the skin homogenising, and depigmentation to the skin, recovering it’s vitality luminosity and transparency Single Sessions:

60 minutes – R700 Package of Six Peels: R4 000